The Blackout Brigade


tbb2[From Myspace] From the depths of the cold Canadian prairies lurk the beer fuelled whiskey driven sing-along tales of the hard ship, abuse and woe that is “Blackout Brigade”. Formed after the break up of the Oi/Hardcore sensation “the Knockarounds” and the disbanding of the soulful 77’street punk style of “the Crackdown”, these outcasts quickly started putting a new set together, blending the 2 ex- bands songs and influences into a loud outlet of rage and angst. With a live sound like brass knuckles to an ear drum and faces that only a blind mother could tolerate, this quintet of working class low life’s have been packing clubs, dropping jaws and slaying critics since the first show in the summer of 2008 and have never looked back. A tri- vocal assault of catchy street choruses inspired by over sea rockers such as Cocksparrer, The Bones and Discipline fused with the energy and angst from american punk/hardcore bands like Blood For Blood and Agnostic front. the Blackout Brigade play a hard rocking, no bull shit attitude style of street rock roll, compiled of break neck Bass lines, panty melting guitar solos, fist pounding anthematic vocals, this band is sure to keep your head rocking and the bottles dropping, So sling your arm over your neighbour, raise your glass to the sky because this fall will see the Blackout Brigade’s first full length Release “Death and Dishonesty” out on Canadian based anti-fascist punk/oi/hardcore label Insurgence records.

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