The Breaking Lakes


tbl2[From Official Website] The Breaking Lakes are about to make waves in the Canadian rock scene.
Hailing from Orangeville, Ontario, the indie rockers have a lot riding on the release of their debut album, Sleeping Giants. Dave (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Matt (drums) and Jay (lead guitar, keyboards) have been playing together for over five years, consistently honing their sound and musicianship. After their previous collaboration, Silverlane, disbanded in the spring of 2009, the friends regrouped to form The Breaking Lakes in a concerted effort to take their music to the next level. An exhausting writing and recording process followed; the completion of their most personal and fully developed effort to date left them musically spent and in need of a break before officially launching the band.
With the addition of bassist Ryan in early 2010, The Breaking Lakes are excited to finally share their synth-infused, pop-rock album and bring their energetic live shows to new audiences.
Sleeping Giants sets the trajectory for a band that lives the message of the album’s title track; The Breaking Lakes are passionate about pursuing a dream and not letting their potential lie dormant. No sleeping giants here.

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2010 The Breaking Lakes - Sleeping Giants
The Breaking Lakes
Sleeping Giants
May 2010
Noah Mintz