The Diableros


dia2[From Wikipedia] The Diableros were a Canadian rock band, formed in Toronto in 2004. The band was fronted by singer-songwriter Pete Carmichael. The group started after founding drummer Phoebe Lee suggested to Carmichael that they play his unheard original songs together. Soon after, they added an organist (Tara Huk), a second guitarist (Paul Watling) and a bassist (Tyson Asher), who’s entry into the band allowed Carmichael to switch back to his first instrument, electric guitar. Within months, a generous guitar loan from The Airfields’ David Lush turned the new instrument switch into a defining feature of the band’s sound – the twelve-string guitar. The Diableros spent the next year honing their sound in some of Toronto’s staple indie-rock venues – Sneaky Dee’s, The Silver Dollar Room and the Horseshoe Tavern.
In November 2005, The Diableros released their first album, You Can’t Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts, recorded by Airfields drummer Jakob Thiesen. As an independent release, it sold briskly at local music shops and raised the profile of the band considerably within Toronto. Carmichael appeared on the cover of NOW in December and many local year-end best-of lists mentioned the band’s debut.
2006 saw The Diableros garnering international acclaim when the album was re-released on The Baudelaire Label with positive reviews from Exclaim!, Pitchfork Media and Entertainment Weekly. The band toured Canada supporting The Stills in the spring with new guitarist Ian Jackson, organist Matt Rubba and bassist Gary Leggett. The album’s lead track, Working Out Words, was remixed and released as a 7″ single in the United Kingdom on Wi45 records. The Diableros were then selected to be the opening act on Day 2 of Toronto’s first Virgin Festival. A second Canadian tour followed with Toronto’s Uncut, with guitarist/bassist Ian Worang filling in as replacement for Leggett.
Much anticipation came for a second full-length album from the band. Spring 2007 was spent recording with The Hylozoists’ Paul Aucoin at Halla Music in Toronto. In October, Aren’t Ready for the Country was released on The Baudelaire Label. Facing multiple deaths in the family and mounting day job pressures, they completed a short but successful tour with The Most Serene Republic in spring 2008 and decided to regroup.
Later in 2008, long-time friends in The Postage Stamps became available to join and another lineup change ensued, featuring local promoter Keith Hamilton on bass, Humber graduate Mike Duffield on drums and former Stamps singer-songwriter Jordan Walsh on organ. Ian Jackson remained as long-standing guitarist.
The Diableros released a five-song EP in October 2009; titled “Old Story, Fresh Road”, on Outside Music. It was produced by Juno award-winning recording engineer Laurence Currie and financially supported by the Ontario Arts Council.
Per their blogpost on MySpace on November 10, 2010, the Diableros have “decided to call it a day” due to creative differences. Officially, “The Diableros are done.” Guitarist Ian Jackson and organist Matt Rubba continue to play together in the indie-pop quartet, Persian Rugs, while singer Pete Carmichael and drummer Mike Duffield formed the rock group, The Whirly Birds, in 2011.

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2007 The Diableros - Aren't Read for the Country
The Diableros
Aren't Ready for the Country
Oct 2007
Noah Mintz