The Heavy Petters


thp1[From CBC3] Their sound has been called everything from “urban electronic” to “a fusion of hiphop, drumandbass, house, dancehall, and folk music” to “experimental dance”, but mostly… frikkin’ amazing. The first member of THP honed his craft in his hometown of Toronto: for years, Gremlinz had been hard at work in the studio, finely crafting drumandbass songs for dance-floors. Similarly, another young Toronto-based musician by the name of Mutt – having already worked with Gremlinz on several occasions – explored the more soulful side of drumandbass. Meanwhile, just outside of Toronto, Lisa Swain, a folk rock singer-songwriter unbeknownst to Gremlinz or Mutt, was getting in touch with her musical self. And on one fine day in May 2006, Freaky Flow, a world-famous DJ who had seen success with his own genre-crossing music, having sold over 60,000 CDs over the years, was in the early stages of building a record label from the bottom up, looking for a first act to sign on and set loose. He arranged a meeting between Gremlinz, Mutt, and Lisa Swain, and, as the three got to know each other, with Freaky Flow applying gentle pressure, they traded ideas back and forth, and began recording. Soon after, the trio adopted as their moniker “The Heavy Petters” and hammered out a full-length, mind-blowing album, “Smell the Glove”, before summer’s end, featuring the likes of acclaimed and diversified vocalists including Choclair, Caddy Cad, YLooK, and others.

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2006 The Heavy Petters - Smell the Glove
The Heavy Petters
Smell the Glove
Oct 2006
Noah Mintz