The Lad Classic


[From Facebook] Win ‘em with the melody; kill ‘em with the attack. This is The Lad Classic.

With Paul Stevens delivering a wide range of in-you-face vocals, the heavy boom from Josiah Whitney on drums, the rumble of the bass of Mark Rynkun and the intricate explosive guitar of Ben Healey, this band has created a sound and energy that makes you look up and take notice.

It all started with a move by guitarist Ben Healey from his hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia to Toronto and with it the pieces began to fall into place. In a relatively short amount of time, The Lad Classic has formed a dedicated and expanding fan base while touring throughout southern Ontario and Atlantic Canada. In 2013, the band released a sneak preview of their 5 track EP ‘Lightning’; an acoustic version intended to introduce the band and songs to the public. This EP would garner a number of positive reviews along with college radio play and a finalist award for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the track “Blow Out”.

2014 marks the release of the anticipated electric version ‘Thunder’ with producer Damon de Szegheo (Serena Ryder, Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch, Craig Cardiff) along with the lead single and video for “Cadillac Jack”. This EP is a full throttle, energy packed punch fusing old school classic rock with modern influence destined to wear out the repeat button.

Those looking for authentic, high-energy rock need look no further, The Lad Classic are coming!

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The Lad Classic
Mar 2014
Noah Mintz