The Lovely Feathers


tlf1[From Wikipedia] The Lovely Feathers are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada that formed in 2004. The band toured North America with Metric in 2005. Their first release was an independent release titled My Best Friend Daniel. Their second album (first official LP), Hind Hind Legs, was released on April 18, 2006 by EMI and Equator Records. It was produced by Jimmy Shaw of Metric and Drew Malamud. They toured extensively following this album, crossing North America several times. Their third record, Fantasy of the Lot, was released on June 2, 2009 by EMI and Sparks Music.
Their song ‘Wrong Choice’ was featured on the TV show One Tree Hill. Their song ‘In the Valley’ was featured on the show Death Valley (TV series), and their song ‘Frantic’ was placed in an episode of Vice Guide to Travel. They have also performed live on MTV Live (Canada) twice.
The Lovely Feathers made two music videos. “Frantic”, their single from Hind Hind Legs, was a playful, semi-animated video directed by artist Jon Rafman. “Lowiza”, off of Fantasy of the Lot, was a more traditional narrative about sexual impulses directed by Alan Compton in 2009.
The Lovely Feathers have played the South by Southwest, Pop Montreal and North By Northeast festivals several times. Their albums have reached the top of Canadian and American College Radio, and have been positively reviewed by the likes of SPIN, Pitchfork Media, and Rolling Stone.
The Lovely Feathers play eccentric, indie-pop, somewhat similar in style to Talking Heads, The Unicorns and Modest Mouse.

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The Lovely Feathers
Fantasy of the Lot
Jul 2012
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