The Mowhawk Lodge


tml2[From Wikipedia] The Mohawk Lodge is a Canadian indie rock group, fronted by singer and songwriter Ryder Havdale, who tours with different collaborators and guests. Formerly based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the band was formed in the early 2000s as a side project for songs Havdale didn’t feel fit with his other bands, Kids These Days and Second Narrows. Their first album, Rare Birds, was released in 2004 on Havdale’s own label, White Whale Records. The Mohawk Lodge subsequently became Havdale’s primary project after the earlier bands broke up, and followed up with Wildfires in 2007. Havdale subsequently moved to Toronto, Ontario in 2008. The band’s third album, Crimes, followed in 2010. The band toured Europe twice in 2010 w/ Eamon McGrath. The Mohawk Lodge was the backing band for Eamon McGrath, and Eamon played lead guitar in The Mohawk Lodge. Other members on those tours included Peter Dreimanis (keys/vox), Danny Miles (drums), Tim McCready (bass), Lee Klippenstein (bass), and Rob Josephson (drums). The band recently played the Rock of the Woods festival in Bamberton, BC as a 4 piece including 2 drummers (Rob Josephson and Josh Lindstrom) and original bassist Kemal Sev. Ryder Havdale is currently recording the latest record, tentatively titled Damaged Goods in a cabin in Pt.Roberts, WA.

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The Mowhawk Lodge
Jul 2007
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