The Nein


[From Wikipedia] The Nein is an indie rock band from Durham, North Carolina, and is composed of former members of The White Octave, Steel Pole Bath Tub, and Piedmont Charisma. The band is signed to the Canadian label Sonic Unyon. Finn Cohen, Robert Biggers, and Casey Burns formed the group in early 2003 in Durham, North Carolina. After self-releasing a handful of EPs, the band signed to Sonic Unyon and released their self-titled debut EP. Dale Flattum joined the group in 2004 and the group released their full-length album, Wrath of Circuits in 2005 on Sonic Unyon (with a vinyl version release on Red Strings Records later that year). Burns left the group in early 2006, and the group began work on new material and future touring with Josh Carpenter (of Asheville, North Carolina). In September, 2006, Sonic Unyon released an EP of material previously recorded with Burns, entitled Transitionalisms, which preceded the release of their second full-length album Luxury.

Artist / AlbumYearCreditPurchase
2005 The Nein - Wrath of Circuits
The Nein
Wrath of Circuits
May 2005
Noah Mintz