The Rabid Whole


trw1[From Wikipedia] Currently based in Toronto, ON, Canada, The Rabid Whole (also known by the acronym TRW) is a band that plays a mixture of rock, industrial, electronica, and alternative music. On April 21, 2009 via Synthetic Sounds the band released their full length debut album entitled Autraumaton across Canada. In November 2009, “Autraumaton” was released on Danse Macabre Records in Germany, for distribution in Europe, with 3 bonus remixes by 16 Volt, Mind.In.A.Box, and XP8. In February 2011 those 3 remixes were re-released for the North American market along with several other remixed tracks from Autraumaton, on the remix album “Autraumaton Remixed”. The band has performed with leading Canadian acts Econoline Crush, Ayria and Left Spine Down in support of their debut album in Canada and has performed with international acts such as Hinder, The Birthday Massacre, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Apoptygma Berzerk, 16Volt and Chemlab.

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2012 The Rabid Whole - Refuge
The Rabid Whole
May 2012
Noah Mintz