The Radio Fields


[From Original Website] “…The band was born almost spontaneously, It was the result of us meeting at a Let There Be Light show and getting really excited at the prospect of exploring new directions. We started with a clear idea about what we didn’t want to sound like, but were totally open to different styles where electronic is only one of many influences and reference points…”
Piero Frenguelli (guitars, vocals, keys), Marco Porsia (bass & keys) of the electronic shoe-gaze band Let There Be Light, along with Dylan Macleod (drums & percussion) from the 90’s art rock band Pinkeye have merged together their music and film backgrounds. The result is a genre defying sound,. They bring an experimental edge to their style that is as much soundtrack to the rich visuals displayed at their shows as it is a compelling sonic landscape.

“…Using a ton of gear does affect the way we conceive of our songs. This is usually through a series of jams where we layer idea upon idea, until finally the right mood emerges through the music. We want to keep things intimate and personal but at the same time strive for a dense and thick wall of sound…”

In a style that blurs the lines between electronic and post-rock, rich sequenced sounds are layered with washes of atmospheric guitars, and waves of cascading , melodic bass lines that are driven by tom-heavy drum rhythms. The live show is a unique experience. The band uses both archival and original footage to create organic, textured backgrounds that contribute as much to the performance as the music itself.

“…We always try to integrate projection on stage in addition to samples and loops in the music. Apart from our main instruments our set-up can become pretty elaborate in order to add an engaging and attention-holding element to our performance…”

As it stands, the TRF style veers away from other bands they might be compared to. The artistic and musical elements of the group are reflected in all aspects of their work, from the writing to the recording process. The result is a sound ranging from cool, dreamy and ambient, to rushes of sonic aggression. The first full-length CD release is scheduled in the early fall which will be followed by live shows.

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The Radio Fields
Lost Frequencies
Nov 2012
Noah Mintz