The Stormalongs


[From The Stormalongs] Singer and lead guitarist Colin Gibson, drummer Nick Gaiser, bassist Matt Thompson and since-departed rhythm guitarist Adam Morello founded the band in 2006 and debuted at Toronto’s legendary Horseshoe Tavern. Their first full-length album, FELL LIKE BRICKS (2009), roared and fuzzed like Queens of the Stone Age, Neil Young and Sonic Youth the whole way through, while their second, RAISE UP YOUR HEAD (2010), introduced harmonies and melodies evocative of solo John Lennon and Smashing Pumpkins while retaining the blistering sound they’ve been known for since day one, and charted on college radio all over Canada and beyond as a result, with San Francisco’s BAGel Radio placing it 12th on their top 40 albums of the year – ahead of records by Dead Weather, Black Keys, The National and more!  THE STORMALONGS have continued to make a name for themselves with a steady stream of gigs in Toronto and have embarked on multiple Ontario tours, from Ottawa to London but also from Timmins to Tillsonburg. In the meanwhile, they found the time to cut the EPs RIOT STANCE (2010), a lo-fi group of six protest songs – three originals and three covers, Young’s “Revolution Blues” among them – and THEY CALL ME DESTRUCTION (2011), their first record as a trio and maybe their loudest yet, on which the stylish “Leaving” and the punky “Climb Trees” stand beside two seven-minute-plus, Sabbath-channelling epics.  Recorded again at Gas Station Studios with producer Dale Morningstar, and mastered as always by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, THE STORMALONGS presents the matured band: the bravely Frankensteinian rock monster shot through with boundless humanity, the inevitable product of the band’s blended influences, its courage to experiment and the sheer number of miles on its collective odometer. Moving from muted, grunge-fuzzed openers – the mellow “Avenue Rd.” and the infectious “Street Queen” and “Caretaker” – through the folk-rock anthem lead single, “Pray for Rain” and four Thompson-sung tracks including the Uncle Tupelo-esque “Said with a Sigh” and the slashing, sax-addled “Two Reasonable People,” THE STORMALONGS announces itself in “River North,” its beautifully bipolar conclusion, to be the band’s latest and greatest hard-earned stop on its surprising, exciting sonic journey.

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The Stormalongs
The Stormalongs
Jul 2013
Noah Mintz