The Super Friendz


[From CBC3] The Super Friendz is known as a band that flourished during the peak years of the Halifax Pop Explosion. After releasing two albums and an EP that received critical acclaim, and a Spinal-Tapesque succession of drummers, the Super Friendz decided to call it quits in 1997. Yet, in a bizarre and storied turn of events, the Super Friendz were reformed and went on to record in an explosion of bonhomie and late night debauchery. Loving the music that was pouring forth, the aptly titled Love Energy materialized as their first release since 1997’s Slide Show. Present on the album is the sense of fun that had been absent since 1996’s Dungeons and Dragons-fixated EP Play the Game Not Games and 1995’s Juno-nominated Mock Up/Scale Down. Combining scads of harmonies, the melodic aggression of the early Who, and the pulse of Neu and the Fall, a cohesive sound emerged to make Love Energy.

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2003 The Super Friendz - Love Energy
The Super Friendz
Love Energy
Jun 2003
Noah Mintz