[From Facebook] Forming in 2010, Casey MQ, Jonathan Milner, Miles Gibbons and Kamilah Apong ventured into the depths of Casey’s basement. They made their way back out by becoming Unbuttoned, creating music that was a fresh alternative – funky sounds of R&B and Pop, supported by undertones of hip hop and electronica. The group’s debut EP Electric Kingdom, released May 16th 2012, has challenged the tunnel vision of genre labels and highlights the beauty of crossover music. The name Electric Kingdom aptly illustrates the sound of the band; a highly charged and powerfully diverse landscape of voices and sounds. Their debut single, This Feeling, is a fine example of this – a blend of two passionate voices working in harmony on a warm bed of synth and drums. Blood and circuits mix for a very special type of love affair.

Unbuttoned is four twenty-something’s from the Toronto area who write, produce, record and perform their own music. Unbuttoned spent a year performing across Southern Ontario, and creating Electric Kingdom at their own Level Me Studios. In that time, they received attention and guidance from both Kevin Killen (Grammy award winning engineer/producer) and the late John Carter (Capital Records). “Casey’s development as a unique songwriter has been evident to me for the last six years. With his latest collaboration – the beautifully crafted “Unbuttoned – Electric Kingdom” Casey delivers a seven song EP that is magical, innovative and belies his age as a songwriter. Ones to watch”, says Killen.

The EP is receiving attention and airplay from various Internet radio stations across the globe, as well as CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi. The online blogosphere is also alight with word on Unbuttoned, with people sharing the album via blogs located in Brooklyn, Germany, Spain and more. Unbuttoned has recently released their debut EP in Japan with the support of P-Vine Records, available December 19th 2012.

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Electric Kingdom
May 2012
Phil Demetro