[From Facebook] WAXMEN is a hard hitting trio with an amazing live energy that entered the Toronto music landscape in 2008 and changed it immediately; they added more Rock.

The band, whose lineup is comprised of James Stefanuk (Lead Vocals\Bass), Shawn Royal (Drums\Backing Vocals) and Tyson Froese (Guitar\Backing Vocals), immediately started garnering attention right from their first show. Showcasing at The Reverb in Toronto on a fateful day in April 2008, they immediately began to build their fan base as they blasted through a set of hard rocking songs stamped with the WAXMEN signature sound. 100+ shows later and that fan base is now large, faithful, loud and constantly growing.
What is that WAXMEN sound? The guys describe it as “Alternative Groove Rock” that makes people bob their heads and shake what they got. It is guitar driven rock fronted by powerful vocals, supported by a thick bass\drum pocket, decorated with amazing guitar licks\solos, and accented by 3 part harmonies. The WAXMEN sound is familiar, yet very unique and the hooks in the songs will leave you humming them for days.

The band has gained some fantastic attention from the industry since their inception. EDGE 102 featured them as an Indie Steamwhistle showcase band in 2009. Not only did WAXMEN have their first single “Better Off” spun, they did an on air interview with D.J. Darryl Spring. WAXMEN then played to a raucous crowd that packed the Yonge St. Studio beyond capacity, so the fans spilled out into the street. After the set, the band unloaded 200 copies of their first EP in a matter of minutes. In August 2010 WAXMEN launched their debut full length CD “Eleven” to a sold-out crowd at The Horseshoe tavern in Toronto. That same year, on the heels of that show, the band won the TIMA (Toronto Independent Music Award) for Best Alternative Rock Band. “Eleven” now boasts sales of 4000+ CD units, as well as fantastic online sales stats. Tracks from “Eleven” are being spun on numerous college and internet radio stations and the band continues to receive great press reviews for both their live performances, as well as their recorded works.

Based on the bands reputation for an amazingly tight and energetic live rock show, the band continues to play all of the main “A” rooms in Ontario. Promoters love to book the band as they know they deliver, and people leave happy. WAXMEN shares the stage with some of today’s heaviest hitters, most recently doing a couple of shows with LA’s Rival Sons.

WAXMEN released their new EP “Shadow” in October 2012 during Indie Week. The band continues to reach out by doing as many shows as they can, where they reconnect with existing fans and pick up new ones.

The band will be extensively touring Canada in 2013. WAXMEN is truly a band that should not be missed.

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Shadow EP
Oct 2012
Noah Mintz